Take the lifestyle of Williams Martini Formula 1 racing and bring it to a Terrazza Martini during the Francorchamps race weekend.
With this briefing BORiS agency started looking for a location. The old heliport by the river Meuse in Liege seemed suitable but had been out of use for some years. A grand Terrazza production, a Williams Martini Racing F1 car, Martini cocktails and the sun created a Riviera feeling for the 1500 opinion leaders that enjoyed Italian bites and the best beats from Felix da Housacat, Agoria, Compuphonic, Aeroplane and many more. For the first time in years, a helicopter, fully wrapped in the colours of Martini, landed again in the heliport bringing the drivers Felipe Massa and Valteri Bottas over to chat with the press and the guests. As if all of that wasn’t enough, a giant 3D mapping on the Palais de Congres across the river ended every great night with an even greater apotheosis!