Recycling is in the heart of everything Coca-Cola does. The festivals are the perfect place to showcase our commitment and encourage young festivalgoers to participate in our mission. The Coca-Cola recycling message was translated in a visible activation with rewards for those who recycle.
It all starts with a bottle.
Bring your empty bottles to the Coca-Cola booth, get recycling tokens and start your journey through the recycling process.
While you walk through the booth and learn about the recycling process in an engaging way, you can plug your empty bottle in our art installation. Every new bottle increases the effects and at night our recycling art becomes a beautiful light spectacle. Thank you for helping us recycle!
In our eco-shop you can exchange your tokens for ecological festival goodies, some of them developed together with the festivals.
Not only on the festival grounds, but also on the camping side and on the way to the festivals we encouraged the festivalgoers to join our recycling movement.