Bacardi Rum Room



Looking for the perfect gift?

You can find it at our Bacardi Rum Rooms in Antwerp or Amsterdam.

In Belgium we went for real gold with Élodie Ouédraogo and created a unique real golden bottle that you can buy or win. An 18-carat gold-plated Bacardi Ocho rum, designed & hand-crafted by Élodie, is a unique collector’s item. Only 8 of them are available worldwide.

In Amsterdam we collaborated with Floor van het Nederend to create a unique gifting box with exclusively made artwork.

So make sure to visit our Bacardi Rum Room in Antwerp in the Schrijnwerkerstraat 12 or in Amsterdam in the Oude Spiegelstraat 3 and shop for the perfect gift!

Because of the Covid measures in The Netherlands, the Amsterdam Rum Room will be closed, but you can order the limited edition boxes online.